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ELIA, EUATC, FIT Europe, GALA, the EMT university network, the European Commission’s LIND group and Women in Localization

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ELIS 2022 follow-up survey

The data for the original ELIS 2022 study was gathered before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and just as pandemic restrictions were beginning to be eased. While the system was already under some pressure, the impact of the war has greatly accelerated inflation and created other impacts for the language industry. For this reason the ELIS partners feel it is imperative to conduct a short follow-up survey to test how the war, rising inflation and other issues such as talent recruitment, have played out in the first quarter.  The deadline to take part in the survey is close of business on Monday, 30th May.


A webinar planned for early June will present the results of the survey and feature an expert industry panel providing commentary on the analysis. You will need to have registered on this site to be able to access the webinar and download the full report.

About the Survey
What the ELIS survey examines

ELIS focuses on the industry trends, expectations and concerns of a wide range of language industry stakeholders, including language service companies, independent language professionals, training institutes with translation and interpreting-related training programmes, language departments in private companies, public administrations, and language service buyers.

The organisations that have collaborated

ELIS was originally initiated by European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) a decade ago and is now a joint initiative by international language industry associations and organizations. Apart from the EUATC, those participating are the European Language Industry Association (Elia), the European Master’s in Translation (EMT), the European Regional Centre of the International Federation of Translators (FIT Europe), the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the European Commission’s Language Industry Platform (LIND) and Women in Localization (WiL).

ELIS 2023
Additional focus on HR, young professionals and accessibility

This year’s edition of the ELIS survey continues on the path set out by the 2022 edition, complementing the traditional ELIS core areas by optional questions that drill down into specific operational topics such as strategy, HR, finance or technology. 


Participants are given the option to activate the topics in which they are particularly interested in by selecting them at the start of completing the survey. 


ELIS 2023 puts additional focus on human resources, accessibility and young professionals, but also continues to assess the impact of the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis on language industry stakeholders. 

Access all ELIS survey results

All ELIS survey results from the last decade can be accessed from this site’s REPOSITORY area. However, you must register first before you can access the REPOSITORY.




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