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About the Survey
What the ELIS survey examines

ELIS focuses on the industry trends, expectations and concerns of a wide range of language industry stakeholders, including language service companies, independent language professionals, training institutes with translation and interpreting-related training programmes, language departments in private companies, public administrations, and language service buyers.

The organisations that have collaborated

ELIS was originally initiated by European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) a decade ago and is now a joint initiative by international language industry associations and organizations. Apart from the EUATC, those participating are the European Language Industry Association (Elia), the European Master’s in Translation (EMT), the European Regional Centre of the International Federation of Translators (FIT Europe), the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the European Commission’s Language Industry Platform (LIND) and Women in Localization (WiL).

ELIS 2022 features many new elements

ELIS 2022 consists of several surveys, tailored to individual stakeholder segments. Several of them are available in multiple languages.
The traditional ELIS core areas are complemented by optional questions that drill down into specific operational topics such as sales, HR practices, company strategy and technology. Participants can activate the topics in which they are particularly interested in by selecting them at the start of the survey.

Accessing the ELIS 2022 results

The results of ELIS 2022 will be formally communicated and discussed by the survey partners during a free-to-attend online event to be scheduled in mid-March. After submitting the survey form, participants will be invited to pre-register for the event. The ELIS 2022 report will be made available on this website, as well as through the sites of individual survey partners.

Days to take part


You can participate in ELIS 2022 from Friday 7th January 2022 till midnight CET Monday 31st January 2022.


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